about us

Mike is the President of Greater Cause Realty Group, LLC. Prior to real estate investing, he was in a management role for 6 years, and was in sales for 15 years before that. Mike was once a state champion in armwrestling, and still relishes those good old days.

Kristy is the Vice President of Greater Cause Realty Group, LLC. She’s really the one that keeps everything together in Mike’s life and all his endeavors, and dresses him properly for the public, since their wedding day, 1999.

Devin and Janelle are World Class Assistants for Greater Cause Realty Group LLC., providing all the inspiration, fun, laughter and administrative support with the company.

Greater Cause?

We Live To Give! Though we are a for-profit organization, our ultimate satisfaction and joy is living a life of simplicity and generosity—not materialistic accumulation. Our family’s goal is to increase our giving through the years to many different organizations and inspire others to live a life of Generosity!   🙂